Family Learning & Governance

FamilyCLO is a collaborative partner that delivers learning and development strategy and programs, and governance solutions to achieve individual and family goals, to actualize the vision of stewardship and responsible ownership through family learning. First, we seek to understand your family and family enterprise (values, philosophical views, goals, structure, etc.) and offer tailored and aligned solutions to move individuals and the entire family forward.

We help to uncover issues and opportunities, create, and implement programs and solutions to facilitate the achievement of family goals in the most efficient and effective manner. We develop families and achieve results.  We are process, goal and results driven!

Ways FamilyCLO helps families

  • Design and facilitate family meetings and family retreats where people walk away feeling connected and energized.
  • Develop next generation education programs from learning plans for kids/parents, internships, to financial education, leadership retreats and individual development plans.
  • Establish or modernize the family governance system
  • Starting a Family Council, Ownership Council, Junior Board, Junior Family Council, or Next Gen Investment Committee
  • Creating a family leadership and board member development process



Family Education and Engagement Assessment
Comprehensive assessment of family education and strength of family engagement and cohesion. The assessment process includes interviews, meetings, reviewing family policies, values, goals and strategic plans, formal and informal education programs, meeting agendas, learning materials, organizational structures, technologies, etc.

Ideal clients:

  • A family who values education and wants to start or improve learning programs or a family concerned about entitlement, stewardship and the next generation.
  • A family who wants to revitalize family education or wants a “fresh eyes” approach, an outside “read” on opportunities for improvement to take family learning to the next level.



On-Call Education Advisor
Get education and engagement advice and recommendations at your fingertips. Pick up the phone or send an email. You can make a request, ask questions related to education, learning, relationships, or parenting issues. Or you might need to bounce an idea, get a referral, or want an outsider perspective on something.

Ideal clients:

  • A family who has an Education Director or an Education Committee without a background in education and learning who needs new energy, support, motivation and resources.
  • A Family Office CEO who manages the education and learning function without the necessary education and training skills and resources.



Recommended Books

Families are continuously looking for resources.  Below you will find some book recommendations. Please reach out to me if you are looking for resource on a specific topic or a referral and I’d be happy to help.

  • HRB Family Business Handbook by Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer
  • Lessons From Century Club Companies by Vicki TenHaken
  • A Wealth of Possibilities by Ellen Perry
  • Family Trusts by Hartley Goldstone, James Hughes, Keith Whitaker
  • Building a Successful Family Business Board by Jennifer Pendergast and John Ward
  • Family – The Compact among generations by James Hughes
  • Dilemmas of Family Wealth by Judy Martel
  • Kids, Wealth, and Consequences by Richard Morris and Jayne Pearl
  • How Children Succeed – Paul Tough
  • Stewardship in your Family Enterprise – Dennis Jaffe
  • Family Business on the Moon by Randel Carlock and Keng-fun loh
  • The Middle Way – Tim Belber
  • Parenting for the Launch – Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence
  • Myths and Mortals by Andrew Keyt
  • When your parents sign the paychecks by Greg Mccann
  • Family Philanthropy Navigator by Peter Vogel